Christopher Merrill
thinker, tinkerer, explorer

About Me

Maybe I should put my face here instead?

Hi everybody, I'm Chris! I enjoy fluxing with circuits, tapping out code, drilling down into mechanical design, and taking long walks on the beach while eating lobster rolls.

I graduated from MIT EECS in 2012, and I'm currently working as an Engineer at Jawbone. I spend lots of time prototyping ways that Jawbone can leverage their collection of hardware and software resources to provide an all-around world-class experience. (Read that as: I get to play around with shiny hardware, and make it do flashy, but useful, things.)

I'd really like to hear from you! If the feeling is mutual, there are lots of ways to get in touch with me: You can email me at, tweet me @notspelledright, or face me at notspelledright. Please include "unneeded words" in the subject line of your message, because I'd find it funny if you did.

Other Misc. Info

If you feel the need for privacy, you can encrypt messages to me with the PGP key 7C2BEEC9. I had previously been using 50B5A1E9, but transitioned away from it to increase security (signed).